Counseling Endorsement:

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the help, support and understanding that Jerry Tyner has provided to me with his therapy over the last two years. His adept blend of knowledge and patience, mixed with a small dose of tough love have helped me and my son work through a number of seemingly unexplainable emotional issues. I am so grateful that Mr. Tyner has worked so hard and with such compassion to allow us to move away from those dark places surrounding us to a much more warming, comforting and nurturing environment.

– Edith E – Anaheim

Guided Imagery:

I’ve known Jerry for a long while and have always relied on him to give me good feedback and guidance. He has empathetic understanding and the ability to connect, and yet is objective in line with his training and instincts. Don’t be misled, his objectivity comes with immense compassion. His guided imagery is the most effective technique for me, which allows me to be in touch with my own truth and get it to the surface of my mind, so that I gain greater self-awareness, which facilitates positive changes in my life. If you would like to broaden your life, get some of your own answers and make some positive changes, contact Jerry and I know that he will commit his time, training and attention to helping you reach your goals!

– Gayle C – Laguna Hills