Have you ever asked these questions or made these statements?

problem_teenWhere did this chaos come from?

Things were so peaceful and they were consistently getting their work done and now they won’t do anything?

Maybe alien possession is for real.

They never used to misbehave and disobey the house rules. Why are they so defiant now?

Why do they have such a hard time getting out of bed and seem to be sleeping all day?

What happened to that respectful child who loved to spend time with me?

Why is it such a struggle to get them to do anything, especially school work?

They were doing so well in sports and now they don’t want to participate. What happened?

Why did they like my boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé before we got married and now they are the “enemy”?

Are they taking drugs?

Something just doesn’t seem right.

I think they are addicted to something, but I’m not sure what.

You are not imagining things. The teenage years are probably the hardest for both the parent and the child. But being a loving and concerned parent may not be enough. Teenagers have a great deal of stress at this point in their life. All of the fears that were set aside when school let out, now comes rushing back as they anticipate the coming year, some with greater ferocity than before. When we were young we knew who the bullies were, but kids now days have to deal with texts, all forms of online bullying and in person at school. There are even situations where former BFFs become worst enemies for life.

Addictions are real. There are addictions to drugs, the internet, pornography and video games. Addictions can be overcome, no matter how severe.

I know how to help. I have walked in their shoes and have worked with them for many years. I have been a high school wrestling coach and Boy Scout leader for 20 years each. I also have my own children – I get it.

I would be honored to work with you and your children as a family or as individuals. I have a flexible schedule offering both day and evening appointments, on weekdays and weekends.  It starts with a phone call or email.